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At Eglin Federal Credit Union we strive to offer our members the best products and services available. In order to provide you with the best credit card service, we have converted to a new credit card platform which allow us to personally service your Mastercard needs.

  Recent Questions and Answers


Why did I receive a paper statement when I am signed up for eStatements?

For the month of May both paper and electronic statements were provided to all members. Starting next month, if you have elected for eStatements you will not receive a paper copy.

If you have not yet signed up for Home Branch and elected for eStatments, it has never been easier. Visit our Application & Forms page to sign up for Home Branch and once you have logged in you can navigate to eServices > eStatements to sign up.

You may have received a May statement or an email for eStatements from EZCardInfo (our old Credit Card platform).
Please disregard that statement. It was sent out in error and contained incomplete information tied to your old Mastercard.

Your new Mastercard statements with the full month's history were mailed out on June 6th and should be arriving soon.
If you have EFCU eStatements your May Mastercard statement is now available in Home Branch under the "eServices" tab.

Credit Reporting
Members have contacted us concerning inaccurate credit reporting information on their old Mastercard for May.

The problem was identified and newly updated and accurate records have been provided to the Credit Bureaus.

Third party credit monitoring software such as Credit Karma, Lifelock or others may take longer to update based on their schedules.

We apologize for any inconvenience and assure you that we are committed to providing you with excellent service.

We are aware that you were able to make payments to your EFCU Mastercard from other Financial Institutions and are working deligently to restore that service for you.

We are in the process of adding ACH (Electronic Transfers) as an option in Home Branch.

In the meantime, you may call us during normal business hours at 800.367.6159 extension 1402 to make a payment from another institution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you incur a late fee because you were unable to make your payment, please contact us to assist you in making your payment and we will waive those fees for the month of June.

If you do not have access to the Dreampoints website to redeem points you can call 800.367.6159 extension 1402 department during our normal business hours or 800.207.8461 after hours to redeem points.

In the very near future our Mastercard Rewards members will be provided a link in Home Branch that will link you directly to your rewards site.

  When you receive your new card

  Important changes

    You will need to discontinue any single or recurring payments scheduled to process on your old card on or after April 28, 2017. Any payments scheduled to process before that date will be honored. The following payment options will be available with your new card:

      One time payment from your EFCU accounts:
    • In Home Branch, select "Account Transfer" under the "Transfers" tab in the navigation bar.
      • or
    • Visit a branch or contact us by phone.
      Recurring payments from your EFCU accounts:
    • In Home Branch, select "Scheduled Transfer" under the "Transfers" tab in the navigation bar.
      • or
    • Complete a Periodic Transfer of Funds (PTOF) form. Visit a branch, contact us by phone or email us to request a PTOF.
      Payments from another financial institution:
    • Visit a branch, contact us by phone or email us to request an ACH Origination form. Once the form has been processed, you can schedule payments (single or recurring) through that finanical insititution. If you are establishing the payment through another financial institution, please call us first so that we may provide you with the proper information to deliver to your other financial institution.
      Payments by physical mail:
    • Please mail payments to Eglin Federal Credit Union, 838 Eglin Parkway NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547-2781.

    Beginning in June, your monthly credit card statement will be provided directly from EFCU and will have a new look (Previously, your card statements were provided by, a card services company). Please review the options below to verify that you will receive your monthly statements via your preferred delivery method.
  • If you are currently signed up to receive your EFCU account statements electronically: You will also begin receiving your Mastercard statements electronically beginning in June. (Please review the revised eStatement Agreement and Disclosure). If you wish to instead receive paper statements free of charge, please contact us at 800.367.6159 during normal business hours.
  • If you currently receive Mastercard statements electronically, but not your EFCU account statements: Now is the time sign up for both. Simply log into Home Branch, navigate to eServices > eStatements and "Agree" to the eStatemnt Agreement and Disclosure.
  • If you currently receive all your statements by physical mail: What are you waiting for? EFCU eStatements are more secure and convenient than physical mail. Simply log into Home Branch, navigate to eServices > eStatements and "Agree" to the eStatement Agreement and Disclosure.

  Frequently asked questions

Why are you replacing my existing card?
Your new Mastercard will be issued to complete the conversion to a new credit card platform that is seamlessly integrated with Home Branch and the Eglin FCU Mobile App.

Is there any cost to me?
No, your new card will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces.

Will my rates or fees change in any way?
No, the interest rates and other fees will remain unchanged. Click here to view the revised Mastercard Agreement. Alternatively, you may request a copy in person at a branch office, by email, or by calling 800.367.6159 option 1.

When will my new card arrive?
You can expect to receive your new card in the beginning of May. When it arrives, follow these steps:
  • Call 800.466.0040 to activate
  • Sign the back
  • Start using your new card on or after May 1st, at this point you should destroy your old card.
If you have not received your new Mastercard(s) by May 15th please call 850.862.0111 option 1.

Remember to contact any merchants who automatically bill your existing card to provide your new card number and make sure you add your new card(s) to any Mobile Wallets you may be using.

Will my card still look the same?
Yes, however the 16-digit card number on your new card will not have any raised lettering.

Will my PIN number change?
Yes. For security reasons, you will receive a new PIN number by mail in a separate envelope. If you wish to change your PIN, please call 800.503.9249 and use the reference number provided in the PIN mailer.

If I have multiple cardholders, will each receive a new card?
Yes. All cards will be sent to you as the primary accountholder and each new card will have its own unique 16-digit account number. Each card will need to be activated separately using the primary cardholders information.

Can I still use
No. You will no longer have access to and will need to refer to Home Branch at to transfer payments or schedule automatic payments from your account.

Will the payment address stay the same?
No, the new payment address will be 838 Eglin Pkwy NE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547-2781.

Who can tell me more?
If you have other questions, inquire at any branch location or call us at 850.862.0111 option 1.

  Important numbers

To activate your card
Call 800.466.0040

To change your PIN
Call 800.503.9249

To report a card as lost or stolen
During regular business hours call 850.862.0111 or 800.367.6159 and select option 1. After hours and on weekends please call toll-free 888.241.2510 or collect 909.941.1398.

Other questions and concerns
During regular business hours please call 850.862.0111 or 800.367.6159 and select option 1.


*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
Routing Number: 263178070
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