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EFCU Personal Loans

Personal Signature Loan

This unsecured loan may be available for members who either do not want or do not qualify for a line of credit.

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Line of Credit Signature Loan

A Line of Credit Signature loan is an open-end, revolving account with a credit limit established when the loan is opened.

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EFCU Salary Advance for Emergency (SAFE) Loans are an alternative to payday loans. To learn more or to apply for a SAFE Loan, visit a branch or call us at 850.862.0111.

Guarantor Loan

A member who has difficulty getting approved on their own may consider having a qualified guarantor apply with them.

Savings Assistance Loan

Our Savings Assistance Loan (SAL) enables individuals to receive up to $2,000 with low monthly payments and a low interest rate.

Share Secured Loan

Share Secured Loans are a good way to build credit or make any necessary purchases without spending your savings.