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SPIRIT Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter features articles & info about our products, services and upcoming events.

Video Teller Machines

We are excited about our new Video Tellers.

Tax Scam Information

Know the telltale signs of common tax scams.

Your credit score & more

Gain control of your credit health with your free comprehensive credit report, including your credit score.

Usernames & passwords

To provide added security for accessing your account online we require a unique username & a password that meets our complexity requirements.

EFCU Auto Buying Guide

Shopping for a new or used vehicle can be a hefty process but doesn't have to be stressful.

Tech scams against the elderly

An increasingly more common form of elder fraud is the tech-support scam.

Safety & security

EFCU is dedicated to protecting our member's financial information in all areas of our operations. But how can you stay vigilant while on the go?

Mobile Wallets

Our debit and credit cards can be used in conjunction with Apple PayTM, Samsung Pay® and Google PayTM.

10 ways to avoid fraud

Practical tips to help you stay a step ahead of fraudsters.