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 Safety & Security

AI scams: voice cloning

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a consumer alert regarding using AI for new scams: cloning someone’s voice.

Current fraud trends

Read this important information about the latest scams.

Tax scam information

Know the telltale signs of common tax scams.

Protect yourself from a mortgage closing wiring scam

There has been an increase in fraud targeting mortgage closing companies and consumers near the closing date of their dream property.

Online shopping tips

Online shopping tips to prevent fraud while shopping online.

Create strong passwords

Making your password more complex will keep you safer online (though much more can still be done).

Quick tips for online security

10 things you can do to ensure the online safety and security of your account.

Safety tips for members

Socially engineered schemes often rely on methods that financial institutions would never employ.

Use anti-virus software, and keep it updated

Using anti-virus software and keeping it up-to-date is the best protection against these threats.

Use a personal firewall, and keep it updated

Installing a personal firewall is essential to safeguard your computer and valuable personal information.

Online scams

Be aware of deceptive emails, pop-ups, and other online scams.

Phone scams

As consumers become more educated about fraud and identity theft, online criminals are moving to other places to launch their scams.

Check the security lock

To verify a website is genuine, double click the lock to display the website's security certificate. If the name on the certificate and the name of the website in the address bar do not match, the website may be phony.

Guard your privacy

Guard your privacy and limit the amount of personal information you share online.

Check your online statements frequently

In order to help ensure that you and your information stay safe, check your online account statements frequently.

Debit & ATM card security

So that we may notify you as quickly as possible, it is important that Eglin FCU has your cell phone number and accurate email address.

Security at ATMs

Maximize your safety at ATMs with these tips.

Eglin FCU Mobile App security FAQs

Make your smartphone safe

Smartphones give us a lot of freedom and make our lives more efficient, but they also present their own set of challenges when it comes to data security.

Eglin FCU's commitment to security

We are committed to taking reasonable steps to protect the security of our member's financial information in all areas of our operations.