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CardValet has been replaced with CardNav

We have consolidated card controls for all EFCU Debit and Credit cards by replacing the CardValet app with CardNav. As of February 24th, you are able to manage all of your EFCU Debit and Credit cards in one place. If you are already using CardNav for your EFCU credit card, simply load your EFCU Debit card into the app. If you have not used CardNav before, you will need to download the CardNav app and register an account before loading your EFCU Debit or Credit card

If you are an EFCU credit cardholder and have not already loaded your card into our CardNav card control app, we recommend you take advantage of this powerful tool. If you don't have an EFCU credit card you can apply online for one today and register your card with CardNav once you receive it.

Take Control of Your Card

Manage your EFCU Credit and/or Debit Card usage through your mobile device by defining when, where and how your card is used. Available for Android and Apple devices, the free CO-OP CardNavSM app enables you to set controls regarding the transaction types, geographic rules, and the merchant types where your EFCU Debit or Credit Card can be used.

CardNav Features

  • Turn your EFCU Credit or Debit Card on or off in seconds
    It's as simple as a toggle. Perfect for safety, security... and those scary moments when you're not quite sure where your card might be.
  • Ensure you are the only person using your cards
    GPS capabilities can either limit where your card is used - or assure it's only able to be used when in your possession.
  • Turn your cards into active budget participants
    Set dollar limits for transactions and receive alerts when those limits are being reached. No more worrying about going over budget.
  • Receive alerts when suspicious activity is suspected.
    CardNav will automatically notify you if it detects activity that it suspects to be foul play.
  • Stop fraudulent activity before it even happens with the alert feature of CardNav.
    Based on your preferences, CardNav can send you a real-time alert when your card is used based on the preferences you set up. Alert preferences can be set by:
    • All Transactions (default): receive an alert every time your card is used
    • Location: based on where the transaction occurs
    • Transaction type: based on type of transaction at point of sale
    • Merchant type: based on the type of merchant where the transaction occurred
    • Threshold: based on the threshold amount set by the user (i.e. - transactions over $500 receive an alert)

Forgot Your Username?

No worries. If you forget your CardNav username, please call 850.862.0111 (Option 1) to speak with an EFCU Card Services Representative (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).