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 Frequently Asked Questions

Home Purchasing FAQs

How long does the loan process typically take?

Eglin FCU strives to close all of our loans within 45-60 days.

Should I get pre-qualified before talking to a real estate agent?

Getting pre-qualified is a great idea. Knowing how much you are able to spend will help your real estate agent find you the perfect home.

How long will it take to receive a pre-qualification letter?

We try to handle requests for prequalification letters as soon as you call us or within 24 hours.

How much money do I need for a down payment?

Eglin FCU offers loans with down payments as low as 5%.

Can I get a loan to purchase a vacation home or investment property?

Not at this time. Eglin Federal Credit Union will only do mortgages on primary residences.

How much homeowner's insurance do I need?

You will need enough homeowner's insurance to cover all mortgage loans held against your property.

Will my mortgage loan be sold?

Some of our mortgage products are sold, but Eglin FCU retains the servicing of your loan. As a result, you will not see any difference in our service to you.

Realtor FAQs

What mortgage programs does Eglin FCU offer?

Eglin Federal is always looking to add new mortgage programs; however, we currently offer Fixed Rate Conventional mortgages with as little as 5% down, Home Refinancing, Home Equity loans, and Unimproved Property loans.

How is Eglin FCU different from other local lenders?

There are several things that separate Eglin FCU from most local lenders: All processing and underwriting decisions are made in-house, Eglin FCU rarely sells the loan package so servicing remains local, plus, Eglin FCU doesn't have any ORIGINATION FEES or LENDER CHARGES... period!

How long does the loan process typically take?

Eglin FCU strives to close all of our loans within 45-60 days.

Can I use any title company I want to close the sale?

How do I find out if my buyer can become a member of EFCU?

There are several qualifying factors for Eglin FCU membership including immediate family or residents of the same household of Eglin FCU members, geographic location, employment or association with select businesses and organizations, and military affiliation. To learn more about eligibility qualifications or to use our Eligibility Wizard, visit our "Eglin FCU Membership" page.

Will Eglin FCU keep me updated throughout the process?

Our members' privacy is our #1 goal so no financial information will ever be disclosed. However, the member can request Eglin FCU to send you information about the loan process such as the current status, the appraisal, and any closing disclosures.